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The story behind the amazing video - Surfing Killer Whales / Orcas

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In July of 2011, just off the shore of La Paz, Mexico while staying at the amazing Costa Baja Resort and Spa, we were off to dive at the Isla Los Islotes Sea Lion Colony. La Paz, Mexico is just north of Cabo San Lucus, in the Sea of Cortez.

What happened during our excursion was one of the most AMAZING experiences of our diving career! Please enjoy this “web version” video clip of that afternoon where this pod of about 17-20 Killer Whales (Orcas) played with our boat for over an hour. The hi-definition, high resolution original video is amazing and there is a ton of it with whales behind the boat, swimming by, and even some underwater shots!

Killer Whales (Orcas) in this area are VERY RARE. Our diver master stated in ten years he has seen them only 3 times and they have NEVER had a close encounter like this. Luck plays a huge part sometimes in witnessing the awesome nature of God’s creatures. We were very lucky. We invite you to sit back, and enjoy this short presentation of “Surfing Killer Whales”.

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"Surfing Killer Whales" was filmed during Rich and Laura‘s stay at the 5-Star Costa Baja Resort and Spa. This luxurious resort made diving a dream. The beautiful grounds, peaceful beaches and outstanding customer service made for a once in a lifetime experience. Click here to book your next get-away!
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